Latent State

Latent State was my MFA thesis project at the Design Media Arts department at UCLA, which I completed in 2009 (for other projects I made during my MFA, check this site). It consisted of a live Audio/Visual (AV) performance revolving around memories of the space shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986. The video record below is from the thesis show at the EDA Gallery at UCLA, on May 14th 2009.

I also performed Latent State at the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City, also in 2009, and later at the Make Art 2010 Festival in Poitiers, France. My written thesis investigated the practice of AV performance, and more specifically, that of live cinema, where most video contents in the performance are generated or recorded live.

The process of developing the piece was documented in this blog, and parts of the custom software I created for Latent State eventually became the live drawing tool Andiamo, which has been used by other performance artists, as seen in the next video, and also served as the basis for

The Tablet library to handle input from Wacom pen digitalizers is another piece of software I create as part of Latent State, which has been useful to other artists afterwards: