Moldeo is a software for creating interactive real-time graphics, particularly focused on live audio-visual performance. This tool came about from a VJing framework created by Fabricio Costa in the early 2000s, and I was part of the project in its initial years as Moldeo become a powerful tool for code-based projects that continues to be used to this day. We also collaborated with several artists to create projects using Moldeo in the performing and installation arts:

Narciso en Tiempo Real

This was one of the first uses of Moldeo in the context of live performance, where an actor interacted with pre-recorded videos and his own camera image. Shown at the Tecnoescena festival in 2005:


This project consisted in the design of a visual score to project on the stage during the performance of the play Crave. This production of Crave, including the live projections, remained on the billboard from 2006 until 2009. A video excerpt is available below:

The digital projection received a distinction in the category Stage Scene/Spatial Design from the 2006 edition of the “Teatro del Mundo” awards from the Rojas Cultural Center. The play was selected for the 2007 Porto Alegre on Stage Festival (Brazil) and also for the 2007 International Theater Festival of Buenos Aires.

Since the screenplay did not have any directions about the “mise en scène”, it opened the possibility of experimentation using the resource of real-time projection as the main visual element on the stage. I developed custom shaders to process preselected background images and to generate the painterly animations seen during the play. A sequence of this transformation from a sample image (not used during the play) into final painterly rendering is shown below:

Original image Painterly shader applied on the image Painterly shader applied on the image with longer particle trails

Painterly rendering shader tests.


In this piece, we worked with photographer Anake Asseff to create an interactive video installation that was shown at Buenos Aires Estudio Abierto in 2006: