Introducing Processing 2.0

The Processing programming language and environment is an open source project initiated by Casey Reas and Ben Fry at the MIT back in 2001, and it is a widely adopted tool in the current practice of creative coding and computer arts and design. Processing has the “Design By Numbers“ project, developed at the MIT Media Lab by John Maeda, as one of its predecessors. DBN’s main motivation was to introduce visual designers and artists to computational design. Processing continues with this initial goal of broadening “computer literacy“ by making programming more accessible for creators who do not necessarily have a formal training in CS such as artists, designers, and hobbyists in general.

After a long alpha stage, Processing 1.0 was finally released in 2008. With an increased focus on 3D and video performance, the version 2.0 has been in development during the past two years, and recently reached the beta stage.

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