Processing for Android

Processing for Android is a project that I have been leading for the past few years with the support of the Processing Foundation. It consists in the development of the Android version of Processing with the goal of making it possible to run Processing sketches on Android devices (phones, tablets, and wearables), and more generally to simplify the creation of interactive Android apps and the exploration of new uses of those devices. The project began back in 2009 when Ben Fry and Jonathan Feinberg wrote the first version of the Android mode for the Processing Development Environment. At that time, I contributed to the project by developing its OpenGL ES renderer for 2D and 3D graphics. Read this Medium post for more details about the history of the Processing for Android project.

Processing for Android is easy to use! Live wallpaper support Multi-DPI support Interactive watchfaces Virtual Reality (VR Audioscape by Sara Di Bartolomeo)

Some features in Processing for Android.

Today, Processing for Android allows to create regular apps, live wallpapers, Virtual Reality, wearable, and soon Augmented Reality apps. It has a sizeable community of people using it to learn programming on mobile devices and to create new interactions and experiences with sensor data, graphics, audio, VR, and also electronics. The gallery in the project’s site shows some projects made with processing for Android. I wrote a book published by Apress in 2017 that covers in detail the possibilities offered by Processing for Android: