Visual Computing workshop

This 1-week intensive workshop at the Balseiro Institute was organized by the Laboratorio de Visualización y Código Creativo (LVCC) at the Universidad Nacional del Rio Negro, and the Grupo de Física Estadística e Interdisciplinaria at the Centro Atómico Bariloche.

During this workshop, I presented different visual programming techniques using the Processing language and environment, mainly focused on OpenGL and GLSL shaders with the purpose of creating interactive visualizations of large volumes of data. We had a large turn out, with more than 40 participants with different backgrounds, from physics at the post-graduate level, to engineering high school students and independent artists. This diverse audience allowed us to have a broad discussion on the application of these techniques in scientific, artistic, and educational settings.

Visual Computing workshop group

Below you have the slides of the five sessions of the workshop (in Spanish), as well as the code examples: